The Rose of Perseverance

I was feeling rather pbbbbbbhhhhhtttttt with the things I’ve been alluding to going on in my life.  That and it’s April and the snow just keeps coming.  4-8 inches tonight.  On April 23rd.  But it was the last snowstorm that I stopped off on the way home from work and bought myself 10 roses.

I love them.  First nights I had them here I carried them around my apartment with me in their vase to whatever room I was in.  Now they stay in my Lab because the only place I could put them in my bedroom was uneven and, sure enough, they fell over a few nights back.  That night I sprang into action trying to save them when I noticed that one of my roses had a weakness in the stem just below the bud.  I thought it might be a goner, I thought about trashing it but I couldn’t give up on it. So, I clipped off the stem some more at the bottom and positioned the rose so the weak spot, that bent like a hinge one way, was weighted with the bud so it was forced to stay open.

Tonight the weak spot is gone and the rose, along with her nine sisters, are all beautiful and still warming my heart.