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“Well I’ll be!” Cried Harry: 10 Min

“Well I’ll be!” cried Harry as he gazed upon the rock that had just punctured through four floors of apartment building before coming to rest in his unit.  Looking up through his new skylight he saw Claire from apartment 408 looking down at him.

“Everyone OK down there?” she asked?

“Yeah!  I was starting dinner and in the kitchen.  You?”

“I’m ok.  What is it?”

“Meteor, I think.  Or is it a meteorite now?” Harry said as he moved over to the rock, finding it smoldering.  Realizing it might be a fire hazard, he quickly lunged into the kitchen, grabbed the pot of water he’d just put on the stove for pasta, and dumped it over the rock.

A pound at the door and a jangling of keys.  A moment later the door swung open.

“Hey Carl,” Harry said, greeting the building maintenance man.

“You all right?” Carl asked and looked up at the holes torn through three floors plus the roof, “I don’t think I’m going to be.”

“I’m fine.”

“Think it’s radioactive?” Carl asked, turning his attention to the rock as well.

“Probably.”  Harry replied.  Then, after a moment added, “Think we’ll get super powers?”

“I hope not.  Keeping this building up to code is enough responsibility for me.  Saving the world aint my cup of tea.” Harry replied and Harry nodded.

“I’ll be a superhero!” Claire cried out from above.

You Blinked! And Webkit is now Mac only.

Am I missing something or is the title of this true? Chrome was the Webkit browser on Windows as Safari hasn’t been refreshed since version 5.  You can’t even get a nightly build of Webkit anymore from (not that it did you all that much good when they did).

With Google forking Webkit for Blink…  Maybe this doesn’t portend all that much extra work.  Maybe.  Hopefully?  Please?

*Sigh* Sometimes I miss the good ole’ days when Windows XP was dominant because it was a simple way to accomplish Write once Run Everywhere.  But then I flashback to IE 6 and I think you know what? I’ll take today! 🙂

Slippery Green Ovals: 7 Minutes

Greg never left the 80’s, or more accurately hair metal, meaning as the styles changed he stayed the same.  Dave Mustaine hair (Nevermind Megadeath was metal, metal not hair metal) and lots of spandex.  Well, he did have the sense to keep the spandex on the stage and away from his day job in 2013.

He was a good guitarist and could sing too.  Poison, Ratt, he knew so many of the classics.  Jeez, that’s what they are now aren’t they?  Classics.

He formed his band the Slippery Green Ovals when Nirvana took off.  Smells Like Teen Spirit.  Yup.  That was his breaking point.  Going forward he was just unable to contain his need to hear and play songs about good times and Los Angeles.

His band was pretty well known in the bar scene.  So many love a spectacle and his band provided spectacle in abundance on top of their playing talent.  Though Greg did have a pang in his chest.  Fads come and go, so it was likely nostalgia for the 90’s and angst rock would bury the good times and L.A. songs again.  Though this time, Greg was determined to not make the same mistake. This time, he would play on.

Attending Real Discrimination – 101

My new home state appears to be on the path of legalizing Gay Marriage.  When given the opportunity I’ve voted Pro-Gay Marriage.  I have a failure in Wisconsin in keeping discrimination out of the constitution, but a success here in Minnesota.  Yay success!  Still, I haven’t done much else save for argue for Gay Marriage whenever the subject came up.

I used to tell this story about how when I was in Hiroshima, I was refused a stay in a hotel because I and the person I was traveling with were white.  Or at least we assume that was the reason.  Anyway, what happened was we went to check in at the hotel and the clerk at the desk started to look up a room for us only to have his manager come over, stick his hand over the screen and tell us, “No Vacancy” before gesturing to the door.  That was an interesting discriminatory experience, but it wasn’t painful.  Certainly it was nothing compared to what gay couples have been going through their entire lives.

My Hiroshima experience seems trite to me now but, for a chunk of my life, it was all I really had.  I think “Discrimination Bad” is a pretty easy concept for any compassionate person to get.  But until you feel it, until you are told by someone, “These rights or these benefits, these are for other people.  These are not for you.” it’s very hard to understand what it’s like to be discriminated against.

My issue has turned out to be health insurance.  It’s coming up on a month since I first experienced that discrimination and I don’t think I’ve healed all that much.  It bothers me that every week I’ll have to pay for something that excludes me.  It’s kinda like a one, two punch there.  I really don’t want to be an activist but as the quote goes: Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History.