Slippery Green Ovals: 7 Minutes

Greg never left the 80’s, or more accurately hair metal, meaning as the styles changed he stayed the same.  Dave Mustaine hair (Nevermind Megadeath was metal, metal not hair metal) and lots of spandex.  Well, he did have the sense to keep the spandex on the stage and away from his day job in 2013.

He was a good guitarist and could sing too.  Poison, Ratt, he knew so many of the classics.  Jeez, that’s what they are now aren’t they?  Classics.

He formed his band the Slippery Green Ovals when Nirvana took off.  Smells Like Teen Spirit.  Yup.  That was his breaking point.  Going forward he was just unable to contain his need to hear and play songs about good times and Los Angeles.

His band was pretty well known in the bar scene.  So many love a spectacle and his band provided spectacle in abundance on top of their playing talent.  Though Greg did have a pang in his chest.  Fads come and go, so it was likely nostalgia for the 90’s and angst rock would bury the good times and L.A. songs again.  Though this time, Greg was determined to not make the same mistake. This time, he would play on.