“Well I’ll be!” Cried Harry: 10 Min

“Well I’ll be!” cried Harry as he gazed upon the rock that had just punctured through four floors of apartment building before coming to rest in his unit.  Looking up through his new skylight he saw Claire from apartment 408 looking down at him.

“Everyone OK down there?” she asked?

“Yeah!  I was starting dinner and in the kitchen.  You?”

“I’m ok.  What is it?”

“Meteor, I think.  Or is it a meteorite now?” Harry said as he moved over to the rock, finding it smoldering.  Realizing it might be a fire hazard, he quickly lunged into the kitchen, grabbed the pot of water he’d just put on the stove for pasta, and dumped it over the rock.

A pound at the door and a jangling of keys.  A moment later the door swung open.

“Hey Carl,” Harry said, greeting the building maintenance man.

“You all right?” Carl asked and looked up at the holes torn through three floors plus the roof, “I don’t think I’m going to be.”

“I’m fine.”

“Think it’s radioactive?” Carl asked, turning his attention to the rock as well.

“Probably.”  Harry replied.  Then, after a moment added, “Think we’ll get super powers?”

“I hope not.  Keeping this building up to code is enough responsibility for me.  Saving the world aint my cup of tea.” Harry replied and Harry nodded.

“I’ll be a superhero!” Claire cried out from above.