Monthly Archives: June 2015

Reinventing the Wheel, Iterating the Wheel

When researching how to solve a given development problem, I often find posts online that say, “You want to do thing? Well I have written a library to do thing! Just use my code, don’t reinvent the wheel!”

I don’t know how other devs react to that. Me? I’m  a, “I’ll take a look at your wheel” kind of gal and will proceed to strip said wheel down to figure out how it works. I might not need your whole wheel after all, I might just need a spoke. Or, I might find a good seed to iterate on which I will then go ahead and plant in order make something new grow. Both of which I gather are idealistic points of Open Source software.

In the face of deadlines and getting developers block, I don’t know how often that ideal is achieved. I do think it’s important to try though. That way ya get to expand your knowledge by figuring out how something works and discovering how others solved a problem. Along with developing a healthy, reason based distrust of content on the Internet. 🙂

Not News

If step one of some new computer attack is, “An attacker first needs administrative access to a machine.” it is not news. How they got administrative access might be interesting though.