Forgiveness and Tolerance: Great for People, Not so Much for Software

Despite being someone in technology I tend toward minimalism with technology because I, like many, believe that most technology doesn’t work and the pro-ported benefits technology typically isn’t worth the extra complications it brings.

Really consumers of software need to complain more to the authors when the programs/websites/apps don’t work or are buggy or are hard to use cause issues are all over the place. Instead, as I learned in grad school, users will typically blame themselves for not understanding how to use hard to use software. This behavior by users allows Software Engineers to be like weather folk: We can be way off, but we will be forgiven time and time and time again.

To the people of the Internet and beyond I say: It’s not just you. It’s the software too. Blame us. Help us, make us, help you. After all, without your input we have no idea what we’re supposed to be doing for you! 🙂