About Me

I think the best place to start a section about me is with my name.

Paige: English origin and means Young Servant.

Ok, young I like!  Servant– yeah not so much.  At least that was my initial reaction.  BUT!  Now let’s pair Paige with my middle name.

Alexis: Greek origin and means Defender

Now we’re getting somewhere kinda cool!  Serve and Defend.  Well defending is a synonym for protecting and cops, why, they are to serve and protect.  So my name kinda describes a cop!  While not a police woman myself I do like the notion of serve and protect because it declares an intention to help and helping is something very important to me.  Be it other people or animals.  Therefore I’m totally down with my name and like it very much!

But then, I did have more say than most in my name.

Looking at my personal net footprint you can encounter a, oh let’s call it– an inconsistency in both my name and my appearance.  I don’t want to get into all the details here even though I am open about my transition in real life.  I just want to acknowledge that the inconsistency does exist and that I am grateful I got put on the path to take this particular journey.  Actually, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

To be continued…