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Loving the Sinner, Hating the Sin Doesn’t Always Work out as Planned

I have a hard time getting behind the phrase “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin” because it’s so easy to abuse.  I’m sure I’m not the first to point this out but, sometimes the so-called “sin” is something that is an innate part of someone’s identity such as being Gay or Transgender.   In those cases and cases like them, whenever the hater hates, they cannot avoid hating the “sinner” as well.

I think “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin” based thinking for all its good intentions is behind a lot of continued discrimination. For example, someone who likes their gay neighbors and is trusted enough to watch the couple’s cat while they are away, can then turn around and because being gay is a sin, vote to keep those same neighbors from having the right to marry with no mental disconnect.  This can be extremely frustrating to those affected.  Not to mention hard not to take personally.  Add in the fact all these people like each other and matters can get very rough.

I currently find myself in a situation that feels very much like the example above.  I don’t know if “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin” thinking is behind it but I’ll find out soon enough.  I’m also not exactly chipper about having to find out the true cause of the situation I find myself in.  While I am out and open I really, really don’t like shining a spotlight on myself.  Just, when you personally have something put in front of you and are effectively told, “This is for other people because the part of this that you could use we are going to deny” leaves me wanting to know why?  One thing I’ve learned is not to just assume I know what’s going on or to be judgmental and blast, “Those people are big meanies!” because I’ll probably be wrong on both counts.  So again, I don’t know if I’m up against, “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin” thinking just, it would be nice if it wasn’t even a possibility.

I also hope by finding out why, I’ll be able to address my currently hurt feelings in such a way that I can identify what I need to feel better and request the assistance I need to accomplish that.

For some reason, ending this with a “Be excellent to each other!” feels right to me.  🙂

1 Minute 52 Seconds

Driving in your car listening to a report from All Thing’s Considered on NPR and realizing about 1 minute and 52 seconds in you are listening to an April Fool’s joke has to be one of my favorite things in life.  It just lends this beautiful, surreal quality to the day to hear the voice of Robert Siegel talking about something that sounds more at home on a Grand Theft Auto radio station.

Looking forward to next year!


First birthday I’ve had since finishing Graduate School and it lands on Easter Sunday.

Options to celebrate = kinda limited.

But!  Breakfast was awesome!