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Hello, We’re The Doctor

I’ve heard it said in places that in the long running TV series Doctor Who the companion is there to give the viewer someone to identify with. However, I do believe that this particular assessment would be best inverted.

We are all the lone expert in our own lives, carrying out our days much like how The Doctor bangs around the TARDIS. Thanks to this expertise, to our companions or to any onlooker for that matter, seeing how we conduct ourselves in our daily lives may be outright mystifying.

For us, our companions are those friends and family whose lives and ours get to intersect for a while. But we ourselves, is the only one who is guaranteed to be always there. The constant. The one that we the viewer can identify with, The Doctor.

I’m Still Here

When I was in High School I started a story that was intended to be like Ghostbusters only my characters would be busting aliens instead of ghosts. While that was my intent I didn’t end up writing that story because I never plan. What I ended up with was an epic mashup of The X-Files and Babylon 5 about an alien race called the Aklack and what they were doing on Earth.

Well, the Aklack are coming back!

In my mashup there were a few original ideas I’ve always liked and this year for this National Novel Writing Month I’ll be revisiting them and hopefully I’ll end up telling a good story this time.

What I’m sharing here is an exploration of the Universe I’ll be playing in and discovery of my main character, Regina Sinclair (I’ve decided to keep the last name despite being one of the many, many B5 echoes in the original story. Gotta have respect for the roots!)

I’m Still Here

5 Min: Full Moon Tonight

Been  a while since I’ve done one of these so a quick referesher is in order. I had five minutes to write to the prompt of, “Full Moon Tonight” What follows is what I came up with.

Travis looked at the sky, full moon tonight. Travis looked at the date on his phone, Halloween. Travis exhaled deeply as he held his hand on the Light Rail car’s controls. This could get, interesting.

Moving his train up from the Mall of America the night got colorful quick. Bloody brides, zombies, people embracing the opportunity to wear no pants. Why anyone would want to sit on any mode of public transportation in their underwear was lost on Travis. But, they filed on to his train in an orderly fashion and while he could hear the boisterous bunch growing behind him at each stop, they were behaved.

However, the thought weighed on him that he hadn’t gotten to Franklin. Ave yet, and the heart of the college crowd.

Writing Sine Wave

OMG! This story is great! I’ve really got something here.

Oh wait.

That last bit was ok, but, will anyone be interested in this? Is this story even good?


Oh! I’ve got this great idea!

One of the rare times when going uphill is the fun part! 🙂

“Purging” by Paige Alexis Rudnick

Ever since I read Julia Seranno’s Whipping Girl, where she points out that in media practically without fail when a transwoman is depicted there is a scene of her putting on makeup that trope has bothered me. It seemed to me that there were more interesting topics to portray such as, what do you when you realize you’re trans at a very young age?

My short story “Purging” is about just that.

It ain’t autobiographical, but you could say it’s inspired by true events. And! It’s available here.