My brother did the weirdest thing with turtles

I go to a writing meetup on most Saturdays.  At this meetup, what we do is someone calls out a time and afterward we pull a prompt to write about.  One of this weeks being my brother did the weirdest thing with turtles.  Well, I’ve been thinking about posting my favorite from each week with maybe minor revisions and this weekend I decided to do it!  Not sure how regular this will be and I know already next weekend is out but, here we go for today!

My brother did the weirdest thing with turtles: 8 Minutes

I think it was from the acid he dropped a few years back.

I had a turtle, Pee-Wee, and I’d come home once and a while from school to find my brother frozen in mid-walk while Pee-Wee looked at him through the glass of his tank.  I didn’t say anything anymore but the first time I had asked, “What are you doing?”

My brother spoke through clenched teeth, “Pee-Wee is an alien!  He can’t see me if I don’t move.  But if he sees me he’ll abduct me!”

I stared at him for what felt like a solid minute.  The man truly believed what he was saying.  Pee-Wee, meanwhile, just rested in his tank chewing on some lettuce.

“Could you turn him around?” my brother asked, “So he doesn’t see me?”

My gut so wanted to say no.  But instead I said nothing.

“Please?” he pleaded, “I have to go to the bathroom!”  I sighed and walked into my room, over to Pee-Wee’s tank to turn him around.  Freed from the turtle’s gaze my brother fell to the floor, exhausted from holding his walking position.  I moved over to him.

“Winners don’t use drugs” I said.

“Now you tell me” he replied.