He Laced Up His Running Shoes

He Laced Up His Running Shoes: 6 Minutes

The scale had given Todd a problem by reading 182.  Not too troubling for someone of his height, but enough that he decided this particular problem could not be allowed to continue to accumulate.   Since he couldn’t take back the burger with extra, extra butter he’d had the night before, Todd now stood in the locker room of his gym, lacing up his running shoes.

After a stretch, which was more to delay the inevitable than trying to do things right, Todd found an open treadmill, set the timer for an hour and started it up.  Given that an hour was a long time to run in place he’d brought along his iPod so he could listen to some music.

First up: Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees.

In five steps he was walking to the beat.  Travolta style.  Hoping, no one around him noticed.