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5 Min: Full Moon Tonight

Been  a while since I’ve done one of these so a quick referesher is in order. I had five minutes to write to the prompt of, “Full Moon Tonight” What follows is what I came up with.

Travis looked at the sky, full moon tonight. Travis looked at the date on his phone, Halloween. Travis exhaled deeply as he held his hand on the Light Rail car’s controls. This could get, interesting.

Moving his train up from the Mall of America the night got colorful quick. Bloody brides, zombies, people embracing the opportunity to wear no pants. Why anyone would want to sit on any mode of public transportation in their underwear was lost on Travis. But, they filed on to his train in an orderly fashion and while he could hear the boisterous bunch growing behind him at each stop, they were behaved.

However, the thought weighed on him that he hadn’t gotten to Franklin. Ave yet, and the heart of the college crowd.