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True Colors Shining Through

I can’t help but believe the Microsoft CEO showed his true colors before the backtrack. I just don’t think enough guys care to listen. The “trust the system” comment he made is the worst cause it’s the system that’s letting women down.

Something big is amiss and the Microsoft CEO’s original statement betrays it. I mean, I’ve been doing this work for over 10 years and I’m crazy good at software engineering. Today, I want out of the field more than ever because of the treatment I’ve been taught to expect in the workplace. But! Student loans…

Sure, there are a some good advocates for women in a tech workplace. But there are way more than enough of those who prefer to tell us how to feel and prefer to tell us how to “fix” our lives rather than engage with us to see what we’re talking about.

And it ain’t just Nadella showing his true colors either: